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Mimi Coté is one of a handful of North American actresses who transition easily between acting and stunt work.

Espace Tonik

​Espace Tonik is a private center for healing and personal growth in the forest, offering you all the elements to live in the present moment.

The natural drink that improves cognitive and bodily performance.

New web achievements

We turn untapped potential into performance

Brand image

Web development with UX/UI design

E-commerce solutions

Digital campaign 

Advertising creation and graphic production

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Discover the

SUMMUM difference

We help you shape your brand with memorable and personalized designs. Our portfolio presents several achievements of which we are proud. 

We build a process that is


We believe in the development of people. We help individuals and companies unlock their potential and develop their expertise.

Sumum Marketing Montréal

Strategy and planning

Passionate about interactive web technologies for more than 25 years, Summum Marketing supports you in the development of effective digital solutions based on the company's objectives.

UI & UX design

We use UI and UX design to improve the performance of our projects, of the user experience and create designs consisting of taking a variety of actions in order to create a dynamic user interface.

Optimization and performance

We offer specialized services for companies wishing to have online visibility allowing them to build a competitive advantage in a market increasingly connected to the web.


We support our clients with turnkey services, training and coaching, and involve them in the creation and optimization of their digital campaigns. 

Sumum Marketing Montréal

A creative agency 

that adapts to you

Creativity and adaptation to changes and new marketing trends have been ingrained in us since day one. 

What sets us apart

We believe in the development of people. We help individuals and companies unlock their potential and develop their expertise. SUMMUM is a multidisciplinary agency specializing in digital marketing and design services. We are a responsive and reliable one-stop shop, which allows us to be efficient and meet all your needs.


We combine creative insight with data to deliver successful user experiences. Through a process of iteration and prototyping, we design interfaces that bring joy to people while empowering them to get things done.


A company's distinctive brand is an integral part of its marketing strategy. A brand serves to create associations and expectations, and in itself represents long-term strategic value. A relevant strategic approach means that a developed brand can be applied across all contact, including websites, multimedia, signage, and sales materials.


Content marketing has become a must in the digital world. It allows you to establish personalized contact with your audience by finding yourself more easily on the Internet. This approach helps promote your products or services by communicating information to make your prospective customers smarter. 


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